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    May I know how can I set default module for client? I want to only allowed DNS, Help and Tools module for client. I try with System >> Edit user >> Module but I need to set default module for every client manually. So how can I set default module for client (not reseller) everytime I create a client?

    Thank you :)

    So upon further googling it turns out I could edit the default module in interface\lib\ but new problem arise. The Start module is now change to Client. When the client is first login they will see client menu inside client menu :D There's no option anywhere in to set client default Start module.

    And some interesting thing I found is $conf['theme'] = 'default';
    I change it the value to default_no_navimg but it does not work. Maybe theme and design is different or maybe this is a bug.

    Any help about client Start Module setting is appreciated. :) Thank you.
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    The setting $conf['theme'] = 'default'; is used for the login window when no user is logged in. The theme of a client is set in the client settings only.

    The client module is activated / deactivated automatically depending if it is a reseller or client as clients may never see the client module so it my not be specified in the default modules.
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    I only create client not reseller. This is my setting in
    $conf['interface_modules_enabled'] = 'dns,help,tools';
    and this is the welcome screen everytime client login

    after login client need to click on DNS and everthing is fine again. Startmodule for client and reseller is both default at client. This is a problem. I give a screenshot below. user1 is a client (not reseller) and the default Startmodule is client. Every time client login they will see welcome screen like in the picture above.


    So I need to change default Startmodule from client to dns. Please help. Where the configuration file for this?

    I hope I explain it clear. Thank you :)
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    The dashboard is a required module for every user in ispconfig. The reason for the error that you encounter is because you removed "dashboard" from $conf['interface_modules_enabled'] = 'dns,help,tools';

    To fix this for new users, add dashboard again to $conf['interface_modules_enabled'] = 'dns,help,tools';. To fix this for existing users, edit the users under System > CP users and enable the dashboard module for the user and select dashboard as start module.

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