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    Well, I was trying to do a video server just like YouTube and I find out this HowTos.

    So I tried them and go through all the steps and with out any mistakes or errors at all. But When I test it, I failed seeing my .flv video. The only thing I could see was the example of the flowplayer. After some time thinking about it, I concluded that my mistakes were probably because I changed some few things.

    - Instead of using the same old software that was in the example, I used the newest ones. And of course Debian 6. Could that be a problem?
    - In the page number 1 of "Build Your Own Video Community With Lighttpd And FlowPlayer (Debian Etch)" in the step 2 and 3, there was an error, I made the "apt-get update, apt-get install ffmpeg" that steviewdr said in the comments at the end of the page. Could that be a problem?

    That's all, apparently it works...but I can't see my video! :confused:
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    okay, I'll try it. Thank you :). I'll be back to say what happened.
    edit: well I've tried the elephants dream video and put it in the flv folder (where mi streaming videos are placed) and nothing different occurred. It's supposed that in the flowplayertest.php page should be shown the videos?

    maybe something with my flowplayertest.php is something wrong, I'll check it again.
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    hahah that was just the thing that I was thinking of. Well, thanks anyway, I'll try it. :)
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    Sorry for the double post but I tried again and now it works.

    I used the debian lenny how-to and debian squeeze. I could see my video in another pc...there are some troubles (like: I couldn't see the video in the debian server, I couldn't access the server from another PC through the Internet...) but I suppose I'll solve them without too much trouble.

    Thank you.

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