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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by sajo, Oct 24, 2006.

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    Well my problem is that I cant install Debian Sarge on my second server.
    I use that How to with my first server an I was thriled about how easy setup was, so I decide to use same instalation on my second server, so I could easy swap betwen servers in case of failure.

    Problem starts with instalation, it says that cant load module for cd rom and then for network card... so I think there is a problem with supporting my motherbord,
    however then I try with testing version of debian and there was no problem with instalation, but when I want apt-get some modules it says that it not exist I did apt-cache searc but nothing found, that was only for some of modules that how to says it must be there, for example php5-imap and some others, not all, most of modules found and instal with no problems. (is there how to for testing version of debian and ISPConfig?)

    Then I went back to Sarge instalation and on boot prompt I write linux26 and instalation went with no problems, but when instalation try to connect to ftp for checking and upgrading, ftp connection fails, anyway instalation progres was finished and when I want to apt-get anything ftp connection fails.

    So can you help me what to do. I would like to use debian sarge but how, since normal instalation fails at beginning.

    Thanks for your help.

    I must tell you I am newbie to linux.
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  2. sajo

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    OK I manage somehow. I did instal and ftp to secure server didnt connect, I just wait and then the progres went on, until everything was done, then I put more sources in source list also some testing sources, then apt-get update and upgrade and everything was OK did the update and a lot of that, so my system is running for now, but I didnt instal ISPConfig yet, will doit today evening and lets hope there wont be any more problems.

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