Debian Proftpd problem after apt-get dist upgrade

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by oeteldonker, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. oeteldonker

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    Hello guys,

    i have problem
    after just doing an apt-get dist upgrade
    i can't login to my ftp server anymore

    this is all i get:

    Connected to **.**.**.** -> IP=**.**.**.** PORT=*****
    220 **.**.**.** ftp server
    USER ndd
    331 Password required for ndd.
    PASS (hidden)
    530 Login incorrect.
    Connection failed

    i checked ( so i didn't change anything ) the config file and it was still the same. i use mysql authentication for my users.

    i just noticed one thing:
    when you add a user je must 'encrypt' the password.
    it had been a long time since a added any user.
    but i can remember that you had to check 'crypt' option @ password input???

    but 'crypt' is nowhere to be found???

    am i mistaken or has this option been deleted?

    this is possible because i updated mysql server?

    so that the passwords in the 'user' table aren't correct anymore?

    anyone any ideas about this idea or any other ideas?

    thnx in advance,

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