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    There is no amanda.conf in the usual places on Lenny, so here's how you get an example amanda.conf that you can edit and put it in the right location and change its ownership so you can follow the how-to:
    mkdir /etc/amanda/DailySet1
    gunzip /usr/share/doc/amanda-common/examples/amanda.conf.gz
    cp /usr/share/doc/amanda-common/examples/amanda.conf /etc/amanda/DailySet1/
    chown -R backup.backup /etc/amanda/*
    took me awhile to find for some reason, hope it helps someone else.
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    Thanks for posting.
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    I registered for an account here so that I could thank you for providing this useful information. It is really commendable when someone takes the time to post back a solution after they have solved their own problem. Keep up the good work! :)

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