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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by nidhintomson, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. nidhintomson

    nidhintomson New Member

    Hi All
    I want to install debian on my machine ? how can i do it ? I treid the network installation method. For that i downloaded the debian-40r2-i386-netinst iso image. But the machine is not booting with it. I have made the necessery changes in the BIOS (First boot device and such stuff ). Can any one help on this ?

    My machine is Intel core Duo with 160 GB SATA HDD 1 GB RAM..
    Its a brand new stuff with nothing installed ....
    Looking forward to hear from you

    Thanks and Regards
    Nidhin Tomson
  2. JEU

    JEU New Member

    Have you tried booting another boot cd no matter which one?
    If you are sure that your boot process is ok (you can use hiren's boot cd, or windows boot cd, or some live distro like ubuntu, knoppix, or so, to verify this), then check the burned iso cd (i suppose that that you have burned in the right way the iso image into a cd). Look if it has correct structure, if you run it over windows it let you read some pdfs and so. When you are sure that the cd is ok, and the boot from cd works fine on your computer, then try to do the install again. Otherwise look for some kind of error and copy and paste it here, so we can have a better idea of the problem ;).
  3. nidhintomson

    nidhintomson New Member

    I have tried installing Ubuntu 6.06. and it is successfull. But still iam not able to install debian. what may be the reason ? when i put the cd on a windows based machine. it is opening from there .. iam able to see

    1) .disk folder
    2) README.html html file
    3) README.mirrors.html html file
    4) README.mirrors.txt txt file
    5) autorun.bat .bat file
    6) autorun.inf .inf file
    7) debian file not not specified
    8) dists folder
    9) md5sum.txt .txt file
    10) pics folder
    11) pool folder

    This is the structure of the ISO image what i have downloaded and burned ? Is this the right one ? What may be the problem with my installation ?

    Looking forward to hear fom you

    Thanks and Regards
    Nidhin Tomson
  4. JEU

    JEU New Member

    Well my first tip is, are you using the right cd image of netinst install cd for your hardware?, i mean, x86, or amd64, etc. :p

    Second tip, if you installed ubuntu successfully then i assume that your boot cd process is right, then, when you try to boot with your debian cd, your pc shows some kind of error or so? or just black screen?. Normally debian must show a menu right after the boot process with the cd has finished, in that menu debian let you choose among some options (graphic mode, text mode, framebuffer, etc) or to add some specific options to the install process, have you reached that menu? :confused:

    If there is some kind of error just post it so we can workaround it. ;)

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