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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by erosbk, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. erosbk

    erosbk New Member

    Right now, web server is ready for update in Debian Squeeze. All apache and suexec will be updated. Do I have to be carefull with ISPConfig? do I have to run an update after installation? will my files apache.conf and httpd.conf modified, as any file in conf.d?

    Thanks in advance

    Reading package lists...
    Building dependency tree...
    Reading state information...
    The following packages will be upgraded:
    apache2 apache2-doc apache2-mpm-prefork apache2-suexec apache2-utils
    apache2.2-bin apache2.2-common
    7 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
    Inst apache2 [2.2.16-6+squeeze1] (2.2.16-6+squeeze2 Debian-Security:6.0/stable [amd64]) []
    Inst apache2-mpm-prefork [2.2.16-6+squeeze1] (2.2.16-6+squeeze2 Debian-Security:6.0/stable [amd64]) []
    Inst apache2.2-common [2.2.16-6+squeeze1] (2.2.16-6+squeeze2 Debian-Security:6.0/stable [amd64]) []
    Inst apache2.2-bin [2.2.16-6+squeeze1] (2.2.16-6+squeeze2 Debian-Security:6.0/stable [amd64])
    Inst apache2-utils [2.2.16-6+squeeze1] (2.2.16-6+squeeze2 Debian-Security:6.0/stable [amd64])
    Inst apache2-doc [2.2.16-6+squeeze1] (2.2.16-6+squeeze2 Debian-Security:6.0/stable [all])
    Inst apache2-suexec [2.2.16-6+squeeze1] (2.2.16-6+squeeze2 Debian-Security:6.0/stable [amd64])
    Conf apache2.2-bin (2.2.16-6+squeeze2 Debian-Security:6.0/stable [amd64])
    Conf apache2-utils (2.2.16-6+squeeze2 Debian-Security:6.0/stable [amd64])
    Conf apache2.2-common (2.2.16-6+squeeze2 Debian-Security:6.0/stable [amd64])
    Conf apache2-mpm-prefork (2.2.16-6+squeeze2 Debian-Security:6.0/stable [amd64])
    Conf apache2 (2.2.16-6+squeeze2 Debian-Security:6.0/stable [amd64])
    Conf apache2-doc (2.2.16-6+squeeze2 Debian-Security:6.0/stable [all])
    Conf apache2-suexec (2.2.16-6+squeeze2 Debian-Security:6.0/stable [amd64])
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Usually apt should ask you if there are any configuration files which it wants to overwrite. Just say no in this case, and you should be fine.
  3. erosbk

    erosbk New Member

    Thanks falko, update complete ;)

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