Debian 9 - What is "best way" to replace 2 or more hard drives with a single SSD?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by w4kh, Nov 5, 2018.

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    My searching brought up some interesting threads, but none that addressed how to migrate /dev/sda (/dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, /dev/sda3) and /dev/sdb (/dev/sdb1) to a new, larger, SSD... /dev/sda is a smaller 120GB SSD, and /dev/sdb is a 750GB spinner. I want to install an LTO5 tape drive to back the whole thing up, and I don't want to have to go nuts with a HUGE case - what I have is already pretty good size... I just need the front panel drive space for the old school tape.
    I know I can use dd or Clonezilla, but I'm trying to figure a way to install the new SSD on the motherboard, clone the existing drives, remove the "old" drives, install the tape, reboot and have it (I hope) work... I want to increase the size of /dev/sda to about 200GB (from the reported 111GB of the 120GB drive) and just move everything in /dev/sdb1 to a partition on the new SSD - this latter I can handle... it is migrating the /dev/sda drive to corresponding partitions on the new SSD that is troubling...
    I suppose I could just clone the 120GB drive to the new SSD and use a partition manager to resize partitions and add /dev/sdb (/dev/sdb1) to the new SSD drive so a simple partition-to-partition clone could handle the rest.
    The real "problem" is I am old, and my head is clogged with 60 years of working with different computer vendors, systems, OSs, etc., and I tend a bit toward ADHD/ADD - I can hyper-concentrate, but a roadmap could save HUGE amounts of time and lots of false starts.

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