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  1. nveid

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    So.. I'm working on the mysqli_* conversion of the mysql_* code, while i started on the one in /server/lib/classes.. I all of sudden thought to do a diff wondering how the vanilla one before I touched it is similar to the one in /interface/lib/classes My diff is misleading, the files are only slightly different.

    For example.. The one in /interface uses php5 class methods using private/public declarations, while the one in /server uses php4 class declarations var.. Anywho, aside for those small differences.. Figured possibly if I ask this one blank question..

    Do both these files suppose to be exactly the same just placed in different locations? Either way, I'm doing a line by line diff.. But any tips are welcomed.
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  2. nveid

    nveid ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    I've pushed the new db_mysql.inc.php's to the repo.. Devs please test it out & see if its causes any problems.
  3. till

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    Both files were the same at the beginning, but they had been developed differently as the inteface needed some additional functions. But I guess that the version from the interface should work for the server as well, but not the other way round.
  4. nveid

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    I standardized them both to be similar and the same again.. the only difference now should be the show_error_messages variable.

    For server this now should be set to false. Indicating that it will log its errors, while interface side this is set to true indicating that errors will be 'echo'ed.

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