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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by pavljiks, Feb 26, 2013.

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    After moving server from Ubuntu 10.10 ( to 12.04 LTS (
    So i copied all necessary config files. Apache/dovecot/fetchmail/bind...

    1) i also notified DB diference between those two versions of ISPconfig. So i used mysqldiff to apply changes to old database (add/remove fields in tables...) But just now i notified that table "sys_config" contains
    db_version |
    and on new server it should be
    db_version |

    So should i change it.

    2) I don't get how quota works. Because when users reaches his limit (Website quota (harddisk)). There is problems creating files (as exepected). But even when users free some space up. He still cannot create files. And in panel there is still old size.
    I couldn't update (Website quota (harddisk)) - ISPConfig variable.
    I tried quotacheck -favugm but still. Only solution was to increase a limit of particular user.

    So question is about quota. How and when they are recalculated. Is it possible that something isn't working ?
  2. till

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    1) This version info is the initial version that was installed on the server and not the current version, the current version number can be found in the config.inc.php field. You can leave the value as it is.

    2) Quota is handled by the linux quota system and linux calculates it in realtime as far as I know, ispconfig is not involved in that. What isponfig is doing is to set new quotas with the normal commands like edquota and the quota displayed in ispconfig is the output of the command repquota. Please be aware that the quota in the panel is not displayed in realtime, so it may take some time until it changes. If you like to see the current quota in realtime, use the repquota command.

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