DB all of a sudden empty??

Discussion in 'General' started by [email protected], Aug 9, 2012.

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    First of all, a warning, I am very new to Linux and ISPConfig, but have slowly yet surely been building our new website. Thanks in advance for your patience and cooperation!

    After not having logged in in some time, the ISPConfig portal was not coming up. Manually starting the service solved that. Then I was fiddling around with a Co-Domain and midway backtracked and clicked Delete. This deleted the entire site, however! Thankfully it was just sitting in the Recycle Bin. So I restored it, and then went ahead and created another Co-Domain. From there I created a DNS entry in our local DNS server. When I navigated to www.website.com, I saw something strange; not our website, but the "famous five minute WordPress" install screen.

    I immediately deleted the Co-Domain! Same install screen, though. And the original address, wp.website.com, showed the same. I logged into phpMyAdmin, it shows my DB, but no tables :confused:

    Also have another subdomain, file.website.com, which has its own DB, and same thing there as well, the DB has no tables.

    What did I do?? :(
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    I'm not sure what went wrong (and I doubt it has anything to do with ISPConfig), but I strongly suggest you use ISPConfig 3 because 2 is not under development anymore.
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    Not sure here either! I appreciate the input, though. I'll look into migrating.


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