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    i have a fresh installed ispconfig Mirror/Cluster setup.

    Database is Percona-Cluster - with Arbitrator.

    Server runs fine - no problem found until now. But in ISPConfig Webinterface sometimes generate Queue Messages like this:

    I think this happens when i change IP-Settings of the server under Settings -> Server IP Settings.

    One Thing i have recognized in this menu:
    Server1 is listed with 2 adresses -> thats right
    Server2 ist listed with 1 address -> not sure if its right in a mirror setup to see the ip from the second node. (here is maybe the problem, the servername here is blank, it is not showing the servername, but the correct ip address)

    i do not know what is the right way to solve the issue, maybe delete seconds ip?

    thanks for help

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    ok solved the problem. There was an issue in Server-Task from Slave Server.

    manually removing all entrys from master database where server_id <> Master-Id was needed that the master forget his slave.

    removing ispconfig db on slave and reinstall solved the issue for me.

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