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    Hello there.

    Currently I'm working on a new single server implementation based on this HowToForge
    but adapting it to Debian 11 (Bullseye). Except some different packages (e.g. getmail6 instead of getmail4 or php7.4 instead of php7.3) it's pretty straight forward until now.

    After installing ISPConfig and testing I'm able to create website with any options, all fine. But there are issues relating the databases.

    If I create a database user it appears in ISPConfig database user list but it's neither created in mysql user table nor available in the drop down list when creating a database.

    I've searched the web for similar problems and found solutions pointing to incorrect passwords in
    but the credentials there are correct.

    For more information I switched to loglevel Debug and executed the manually but there are no error displayed at all.

    Any ideas what's going on here?

    System information:

    Debian 11 (Bullseye)
    MariaDB 10.5.12
    ISPConfig 3.2.6
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