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    SOLVED Database que

    My developer did some ninja tricks and added a extra value to client database table.
    After he was done he forgot to remove.
    Now i have lots of que what needs to be pushed out to servers in the multisetup.
    Systemlogs warns about not able to insert variable that does not exist on slaves.
    So i had to shut down access for clients to prevent more errors.
    We have fixed the database but how to fix the backlog of que ?
    Is it records in sys_datalog or where to look ? I tried to remove fault there but the que does not get smaller.

    Or shall i create the extra value on all slaves database to get it pushed trough, and then remove again ? Im not happy to restore databse since alot have happend in two days.

    Best regards
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    I removed the faulty lines in sys_datalog and then it worked again.
    I just need to check from backup what custumer did and redo it.
    Thanks for listening :)

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