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  1. systechguy

    systechguy New Member

    I am reviewing Dansguardian as a potential Content Web Filtering solution for my boss, but the dansguardian.org website does not have information that answers my questions.

    1.) Can Dansguardian store users and groups in a database SQL/MYSQL
    2.) Have different permissions based on login
    3.) Be able to cluster/replicate blacklists/configuration among many boxes

    Anyone that can point me to information that will answer these questions, I will be very appreciative.
  2. Rapid2214

    Rapid2214 New Member


    I have seen DansGuardian in practice, it does intergrate with AD and is usally used with a proxy... Otherwise, i agree, the documentation is pretty scarce.
    Also with the setup i've seen there are alot of false blocks due to 'Japanese xxx'... Also the interface isn't brillent. abit ugly.


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