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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by GranvilleWoods, May 19, 2011.

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    My attempts to block the following "proxy" site with dansguardian have failed. So, far I have used keywords to edit (urlblock, weighted-phrase list, and banned-phrase site) Do you have any suggestions? This proxy seems to be a really tricky one. For example, if I use the banned-phrase <e>, it still does not block the web page even though there is readable text with the letter e. This oddly seems to be an issue with how the web page is coded. How can one block this web page with content filters like dansguardian.
    Test your might ...

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    RE: Nuisance Proxy

    Unfortunatly I have not blocked that site before but similar...

    First question, what makes the site (location) needed to be blocked.

    The network I had, I had to block people from using gmail but not block the search enigne...

    What at the end of the day was the best solution was to block the gmail service which actually connects you to gmail. Altering the bannedsitelist and adding "mail.google.com". That stopped the service being able to authenticate the connection but still giving full access to the search engine.

    If your site has a background service ( I tried to access it in order to see wether I am right or wrong, no show... sorry ), you can block the service from authenticating...

    The client pc will try and connect but, because the authentication can never happen it will just the client pc a awnser "Connection refused" or "Connection timed out".

    Let know if it helps...

    The moment I can have my dansguardian working as it should again I will see if I can give you a better solution to your problem.

    From Charl

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