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    ISPConfig :
    Multiserver setup on OpenVZ / Debian Squeeze
    NS is running Bind9

    All domains that I have created so far has been working without problems. Now we have one with a danish letter and this is giving a bit of a headache.
    Domain name : densønderjyskegarde.dk (xn--densnderjyskegarde-j4b.dk). I tried google but cannot seem to find just thing I need to solve my problem.

    The zone file gets named : pri.xn--densnderjyskegarde-j4b.dk.err but I cannot seem to find what the error is.

    The web server is running with IDN (or that is what I assume from phpinfo in the section with CURL : cURL Information : libcurl/7.18.2 OpenSSL/0.9.8g zlib/ libidn/1.8 libssh2/0.18).

    Zone file looks like this :
    $TTL        3600
    @       IN      SOA     ns1.superweb.dk. admin.superweb.dk. (
                            2013120503       ; serial, todays date + todays serial #
                            3600              ; refresh, seconds
                            3600              ; retry, seconds
                            3600              ; expire, seconds
                            3600 )            ; minimum, seconds
    ftp.xn--densnderjyskegarde-j4b.dk. 3600      CNAME        xn--densnderjyskegarde-j4b.dk.
    mail.xn--densnderjyskegarde-j4b.dk. 3600 A
    [url]www.xn--densnderjyskegarde-j4b.dk[/url]. 3600      CNAME        xn--densnderjyskegarde-j4b.dk.
    xn--densnderjyskegarde-j4b.dk. 3600 A
    xn--densnderjyskegarde-j4b.dk. 3600      CNAME        dsjg.dk.
    xn--densnderjyskegarde-j4b.dk. 3600      MX    10   mail.xn--densnderjyskegarde-j4b.dk.
    xn--densnderjyskegarde-j4b.dk. 3600      NS        ns1.superweb.dk.
    xn--densnderjyskegarde-j4b.dk. 3600      NS        ns2.superweb.dk.
    xn--densnderjyskegarde-j4b.dk. 3600      NS        ns3.superweb.dk.
    I have not tried installing PECL IDN as I assume
    apt-get install idn 
    would do the same.

    Hope someone can help me solving this problem / issue.
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    named-checkzone xn--densnderjyskegarde-j4b.dk /etc/bind/pri.xn--densnderjyskegarde-j4b.dk.err

    to get the error message why bind rejects it.

    The most likely reason is this:

    xn--densnderjyskegarde-j4b.dk. 3600 A
    xn--densnderjyskegarde-j4b.dk. 3600 CNAME dsjg.dk.

    you can not add zone as cname and A record at the same time. Delete the cname record.
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    Thanks Till :)

    It irritates me that I didn't see that one :eek:

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