daloradius with secure user name?

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    its great how to from how to !!

    its work fantastish bud one problme with
    secure user name

    when i creat user name faxexample

    username : test
    pass : 1234

    i can login bud when i try second one pc
    with same username and pass bud only latters big


    second one big T also username : Test pass: 1234

    i can login in same time and auchso

    when i write test or Test or tEst or teSt or tesT or TEST or TeSt or tEsT or TEst or TesT or tESt

    than we have big problme it can be with one user name with 4 alphabetik
    11 time login in same time

    its better secure when one login pass to one user

    how can we stop thad big latters and small for only one user name to one peaple

    best regarts
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