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    Good Day

    After i installed the Billing Module i did like on How To the Resync.
    Now Customer 1 is synced (also on Database).
    So i thought maybe a restart of full Server solve it. --> didn't solve.
    So i thought maybe i need again to resync. Did again. Nothing happen.
    I watched on Database, only Customer 1 is in Database on Invoice.

    I tested to create a new test user.
    This also is Synced. But there are about 10 or more Customer which are not synced into the Billing Module.

    I use a single Server with newest ispconfig 3 and Billing Module. It's running on Ubuntu 20.04.

    May Someone got another idea?
    Cause the First Customer also New customer got synced i don't think it's a installation issue, i think it's more a bug in the actual version.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards
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