Custom nameservers on ISPConfig3 VPS w/ debian

Discussion in 'General' started by shakethefloor, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. shakethefloor

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    Is this possible? I'm extremely new to linux, VPS' and ISPConfig so i'm really not sure where I stand with anything.

    I have a domain,, and at the moment it is set with my registrar to have nameservers that are itself(, ns1 and, and point to my two IP addresses.

    Next I have a fresh install of debian with ISPConfig3 installed, and hardly anything has been changed since that.

    I have a master zone with and my hostname is and i added 2 NS records with my IP and 2 A records with ns1 and, and all the other www A record etc.

    I have a couple of domains with ns1 and as their name servers and they aren't working, so I assume i've missed something


    UPDATE: i can ping both ns1 and and it responds with the correct IP addresses that I set them to on my server, but I added as a site, then set the nameservers in my registrar to ns1 and, but the site isnt working and neither ping or nslookup returns anything, even though the site has an index file.
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    First, sites and dns are two different things. Sites are apache vhosts and dns records are records in bind dns server. So if you add a site this does not imply that ypu have dns and vice versa.

    To get dns, add dns records in ispconfig. the easiest option is to use the dns wizard. If you are not sure that you added the dns records correctly, then post screenshots of the dns zone and records that you added.
  3. shakethefloor

    shakethefloor New Member

    Brilliant, got it sorted now, just used the wizard and added a zone for the domain i wanted and it worked straight away

    Thanks again and sorry for the stupid question.

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