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    Mysql is perfect and universal default choice for one server installation. When time come to rely on :

    - High Availability (load-balanced, fault-tolerant and continuous service availability)

    - Broker failover ( a list of alternative hosts where brokers are listening for incoming requests)

    - Server failover (When a master node is unresponsive, the first of the slave nodes will get promoted to a master role)

    - Scalability and maintainability (Database sharding, online, offline and incremental backup)

    We have a free DB bringing all this and more, available for linux and windows in 32 & 64 bits editions, having nice graphical user interface tools, supported by libraries such as RedBeanPHP and so on.

    It's called Cubrid and provides api for JDBC, PHP/PDO driver, ODBC, OLEDB, ADO.NET, Ruby driver, Python driver, Node.js driver, and Perl driver.

    I suggest we can download and install it from ISPConfig

    Pleate Vote => here
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