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    here is some setting that I know will help if you need to setup a cron job under fedora 13 perfect server setup ispconfig3

    make sure that your reseller have fullcron setting and -1 for unlimited cron job

    this is per minutes setting because that was what I need it the cron job to be.

    0-59 minutes
    0-23 hours
    1-31 days of the months
    1-12 months
    0-7 days of the week

    command line box
    /usr/bin/php /var/www/clients/client1/web21/web/run.php

    that is a sample on how the command works no -q or any other command they don't work I spend more than 5 hours to figure this out. and I did buy the manual that did not help me with this. and I desided to put here to help others you set all those setting on the hosting panel and it work on less you setup your perfect setup wrong or skipped some of the setting.
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