creating zones, records and websites using the remoting api

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    I have multiserver setup on debian squeeze with ispconfig
    I have found a very good script that accomplishes what I need to do, which is basically create a dns zone and website using the remoting api, but i'm having problems. Basically the DNS zone is being created, but the a record, ns records and mx records are still missing. The site is also being created. If I try to access the site I get :

    But if I delete the newly created client I get :
    I have checked the dns_rr table and 9 records exist for the zone that the script created, but when I try to view the records in ispconfig, they do not appear.
    I have attached the script and hope that someone can help me identify where the problem is. Thank you for your help.

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    Most likely your script sets some parameters wrong. Compare a record that this script created in the database (dns_* tables) with one that you created within ispconfig to see the differences.

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