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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by bve32k, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. bve32k

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    While creating a website in ISPConfig..Should Create DNS and Create DNS-MX be checked? And what do both mean?

    Thanks, Ken
  2. Appie Thrasher

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    First of all I am a noob at this, so forgive me if am wrong.

    I have set up my server also, and had first one site on it wich was working. When I created the second site I got the message shared ip adres. And none of the sites were working anymore.

    Then I used create dns on the new site and all was working again. So I think its creating something of an reroute system for the sites, so the server nows that it is a other site.

    Hope it helps, and to the experts of this site please corect me if I am wrong just trying to help:D

  3. falko

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    They create A and MX records for your web site's domain so you don't have to create them manually in ISPConfig's DNS Manager. This is only useful if your ISPConfig server is the authoritative name server for that domain.

    Also have a look here:

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