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  1. markelino

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    What is recommended approach today to manage hosting and staging websites using the UI from ISPconfig panel?

    Assign a wildcard SSL to production domain.tld to be able to clone it somehow to staging.domain.tld and then shift back to production or maybe edit endpoints of config files somehow? Currently speaking for Wordpress sites.

    This could be a nice addon and I will gladly pay for such a premium feature if one existed to make workflows more efficient.

    re: changing an LE SSL to a wildcard one for e.g. domain.tld, how it it suggested? Disable two SSL checkboxes for a website and then select Auto-Domain to *. and then select the SSL checkbox, should re-issue SSL as a wildcard?
    Then when creating a new website under staging.domain.tld how do we make it use the existing wildcard SSL that was issued for domain.tld website or we simply ask for it to be re-issued or is ISPc aware that a wildcard exists for this domain and will use the one saved in ISPc filesystem?

  2. till

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    1) Create the normal website e.g.
    2) Create a second website like
    3) Enable normal LE SSL for both sites. No need for a wildcard cert as the SSL cert is not part of the site, it's part of the config.

    And then upload your changes to the staging site, test them, and if satisfied, upload them to the main site. Or use the more modern approach, have the changes in git, check them out to staging site, test them, if ok, check them out to live site.
  3. markelino

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    Thanks Till

    Been thinking, since many premium or most plugins will complain about staging being on another subdomain (hence require an extra license), is there a way to use the Wordpress installer on an existing domain within a subdir 'staging' such as domain.tld/staging/ so its actually another WP deployment but within a subdir.
    Do you forsee any issues in doing so from that way app installers is handling this or affect the original website?

    I can take this approach if I want to build a test site (fresh) not cloned or in some circumstances use a plugin for staging that will clone the site within a subdir.

  4. markelino

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    Tested installing into a subdir /staging/ and App installer for WP complains. Why would that be?If there was a way to override, should it not be safe enough?

    "ERROR: The installation path already contains a package installation"
  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The installations will interfere with each other.

    There is no way to override that. Such a setup should be installed manually anyway if you want to take the risk to have several wp instances nested within each other.
  6. markelino

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    Thanks Till,
    Simpler solution for this WP case, is to use a WP Staging WP plugin that generates as clone into any subdir named as one desires (if this helps anyone).
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