creating sites in var/www/ instead var/www/web1

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by hvrossum, Jan 1, 2008.

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    I installed ISPConfig and when I set up client sites, it installs them in /var/www/ instead of /var/www/web1/ ! Is this a problem with further installing additional sw?

    I followed the howtoforge to set up roundcube as webmail client but it starts with /var/www/webmail.yourhostingcompany.tld/web1 but I don't have a web1 directory. I do have a web sub-dir.

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    Any errors in /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/ispconfig.log? What's the output of
    ls -la /root/ispconfig
    ls -la /var/www

    Which distribution are you using?
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    I don't see any strange errors in de log file. But to be on the safe site I have deleted all sites and start over.

    What I do want to do is set up a www site and use the url to gain access to webmail. The documentation I have found so far talk about

    Which means two client site, while I want 1 client site which holds both website and webmail entrance. Is that possible just by ignoring webmail and use www as hostname in the 10 steps howto?
  4. Hans

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    Within my RoundCube howto, i just mentioned web1 as an example. In your case it can be different!

    On a default ISPConfig server, the document root for Apache2 should be /var/www. When you're creating websites with ISPConfig, the webspace for each site are created within /var/www, like this:
    web1, web2, web3 and so on. Within /var/www you will see also directories named like www.mydomain.tld subdomain.mydomain.tld and so on. Those directories have symbolic links with the directories with names like webX. For example if is your first website created with ISPConfig it has a symbolic link with web1. So if your RoundCube website webmail.mydomain.tld is your 3th website, the symbolic link is pointing to web3 NOT web1 as mentioned within my 10 steps howto.

    The website itself is not within web3, but in its subdirectory /web, so: /var/www/web3/web/
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