Creating a local mirror of multiple OS's

Discussion in 'Technical' started by heymrdj, Jul 13, 2007.

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    I know how to create a local Debian/Ubuntu mirror and a local CentOS/Fedora mirror. What I wanna know is if there is any way to create them together on one Debian or one CentOS or Fedora or Ubuntu OS. I ask this cause I am setting up a monitor/mirroring server in a 40 server cluster cage in a datacenter. They will be interconnected via fibre. The servers are for rapid deployments, they may see one OS for a few days and then another the next few days. So as I've done in the past, I'm creating a local mirror server to feed those 40 consistently. The server will be comprised of 500GB drives running in RAID 10 (mirroring, striping). Is 500GB enough space to mirror Debian and Ubuntu main contrib non-free and source, and the same for CentOS and Fedora?

    Anyways if its possible, please tell me away. It will save me from have to run VM's on the monitoring server along with more IP's ect ect. The main domain theoretically would be So for the OS installs ect to see them it would be something like /debianetch /ubuntufiesty /centos5 /fedora7

    That kind of thing :)

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