Creating A DNS Cache With djbdns

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    This is the article:

    I stumbled when I got to
    My ADSL modem has the IP address shown in the passage quoted. That is probably a common address for a modem.

    Is that why it has been chosen, or should I use another address for the cache? My analogue telephone adapter grabs under DHCP and the computer typically gets It seems I need to go back to assigning static addresses, so should the cache be and the gateway, in which case the computer becomes Or should the modem, the DNS cache and the gateway all be

    Following on from that, what "clients" do I configure. I do not recognise the dialogue shown in the article at that point, although it is similar to a gui tool used to set a connection for the computer. :confused:
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    You must use the IP address of the system where you install djbdns. If that system has the IP address, then you must use that one.

    That doesn't work. Each system needs a seperate IP address.

    This refers to your client computers in your LAN (e.g. a Windows desktop).

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