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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Samonoske, May 25, 2008.

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    Hello i made a mistake and deleted the web1 website that I had. I just used ISPConfig3 to recreate it, but then i got problems because suphp was beginning to act up. It was working until i made the fatal error.
    [Sat May 24 09:48:20 2008] [warn] Mismatch between target UID (5008) and UID (1080) of file "/var/clients/client0/web6/web/index.php"
    Is what is located in the suphp log file. So I deleted the site again, and I recreated the whole thing manually. I replaced the following files/directories.
    /web /log /ssl /cgi-bin
    and inside the web folder i replaced all the files that came in /error and the index.html
    /etc/apache2/sites-available mywebsite.tld.vhost
    /etc/apache2/sites-enabled mywebsite.tld.vhost
    ln -s /var/clients/client0/web1 /var/www/mywebsite.tld

    This is everything I did. Now what else must I do to get ISPConfig 3 to recognize it.
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    ISPConfig can not recognize a site that you craeted manually. Instead of recreating it manually it would have been enough to change the owner of the files in your site to the owner of the new website that you created.

    If you want to stay with your manually created site, you can try to create a new record in the database table web_domain with domain_id = 1
  3. Samonoske

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    Man I love you guys and your awesome software. The support for this is awesome. But yea i pretty much did what you said. I had a permissions problem and was able to get it fixed, now Drupal runs beautifully.

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