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    I am trying to accomplish the following task with help of bash scripting. From a programming tool i use i can export objects to a text file. They can be exported separetely or together. The programming tool generates for me one text file with the diferent objects exported as text. The structure is the following.

    OBJECT Table 3 Table name
    object properties

    OBJECT Table 4 Table name
    object properties

    OBJECT Form 10 Form name
    object properties

    As you can see there can be different object types e.g. Table/Form/Codeunit etc.

    I would like to send this file to a script and have that script to generate separete files for me. The files should be named according to the object type. "Object Type"_"number".txt. So in the example above the script should generate 3 files named: Table_3.txt, Table_4.txt and Form_10.txt.

    I have been looking at for example sed to help me accomplish this. But i am stucked and don´t know how to proceede. I have looked in to the sed manual. There is a way to match a start and an end caracter.

    for object in $(sed -n -e '/^OBJECT Table/,/^}/p' $FileName)
      ... do stuff here
    With this code how can i now that one start/end cycle has finished?

    Thanks in advance

  2. cfajohnson

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    Use awk, not sed:

    awk '
       BEGIN  { filename = "/dev/null" }
    /^OBJECT/ { filename = $2 "_" $3 }
              { print > filename }
    ' "$FILE"

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