Create Lets Encrypt SSL Certs via Certbot DNS Validation in Acme v02

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  1. ahrasis

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    As I said you may want to try git-stable version or you can manually edit the renewal file for each websites but the former actually contains workaround for LE via webroot (so I haven't tried it for dns-challenge) while the later is a lot more works compared to custom vhost config which you only need to have just one master for all.
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    Thanks for your continued replies @ahrasis .

    Hmm, maybe you're right, and a custom vhost config is the simplest solution.

    If I go down that road, what, exactly, would I need to customize?

    It looks as though ISPConfig creates symlinks in each website's "ssl" directory, whereas when ISPConfig is not used to manage the Let's Encrypt certificates, I would need to modify the custom vhost config to point to "/etc/letsencrypt/live/domain.tld...", correct?

    Of course, I would also want to ensure that the LE files actually exist for a given domain before enabling them, or NGINX won't reload/restart.

    Have you tried to do this before?
  3. cbj4074

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    Ahhh! Upgrading to git-stable "just fixed it"! Thank you for that suggestion! Seems like it was indeed some type of bug. And now, I see all types of useful information regarding LE operations in the System Log with Debug-level logging.

    Brilliant! I think everything is working to the extent that I need now!
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  4. ahrasis

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    Congratulations. I will take note on this as I will attempt some changes on my ISPConfig test server.

    I did this actually and it works fine. Since dns-challenge is done manually, I will only add the website after LE certs via dns-challenge for it are issued.

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