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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by bwells, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. bwells

    bwells New Member

    I'm converting from a very old ensim server with virtual ftp and mail servers for each domain. I'd rather not have to force all the users to change their ftp and email settings. Is there a way to automatically create a virtual ftp. and mail. that resolves to the correct IP for each domain?
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Why do you need virtual FTP for that? The FTP daemon always listens to the IP address(es) of your server. You can connect with any domain that points to this IP address.

    Connections to and are a question of your dns setup, there is no need for a virtual FTP.
  3. bwells

    bwells New Member

    I worded that incorrectly. What I needed was an easy or automatic method of creating a DNS entry for ftp. and mail. for each new domain. I didn't want my clients to have to go back and change their Outlook and FTP client settings.

    I figured out I could add the ftp. and mail. as a co-domain. Is there some way to automate this so that every time a new site is created a www, ftp and mail are created in DNS instead of having to go back and create them manually?
  4. torusturtle

    torusturtle ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    What DNS service do you use?

    As I don't use ISPConfig for DNS I don't know exactly how to configure a value that inserts everytime another domain but at the end you should have 3 entrys:

    domain.tld 10 mail.domain.tld
    mail.domain.tld -> yourIP
    ftp.domain.tld -> domain.tld
  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    In ISPConfig you use the DNS-Manager for that, just add a A-Record for mail and ftp pointing to the IP address of your server.
  6. NSSR

    NSSR New Member


    I just need to reanimate this thread, as it matches my desires: ;)

    Currently i modified the dns-template-file to create a *.domain.tld. for every domain I've created. Also i modified the apache vhosts template file.

    This works fine for most cases and i don't need to create that much subdomains (with and without www).

    For some domains i can't live with that *.domain.tld entry and i need to remove it. Thats also fine, as long nobody touches the ispconfig dns-manager to manipulate the zone as it is re-written by any custom action.

    What I'm looking for is either a SQL-Query to add a www-record for all domains wich do not own one and in case ... if they own one, keep mind of the currently entered data in the exisiting www-record for creating one for the co-domains.

    An other option would be, to have a default template for all new domains which creates the needed records automatically. It isn't easy to keep all domains contigous with the same scheme. Thats why i desire a template.

    I hope someone can help, either with a sql-query or an other idea.

    Kind regards

  7. atjensen11

    atjensen11 New Member

    I have used the "Templates" menu item under the DNS Wizard section of the DNS tab to do such a thing.

    It automatically creates A, NS, MX, and TXT records for each new domain I add to the database.

    Wouldn't that suit your needs for new domains?

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