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    How to create my DNS server in VPS 2 and attach it to VPS1 ispconfig3 using?
    Is it necessary to install the VPS2 ispconfig3?
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  3. S0ft

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    please I can explain this

    Install only steps 1-6 of the perfect server tutorial and not the other steps As They Differ for a clustered setup!

    the 5 slaves must have perfect server installed ispconfig3
    or only the web do not understand.

    Problem! multiserver install DNS

    Unable to connect to mysql server

    Shall this server join an existing ISPConfig multiserver setup (y,n) [n]: y

    MySQL master server hostname []:

    MySQL master server root username [root]:

    MySQL master server root password []: ****

    MySQL master server database name [dbispconfig]:

    VPS within one working properly and mysql database that
    When I want to connect from VPS2 to configure DNS is this happening?
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  4. till

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    The servers have to be installed exactly as described in the guide, not more and not less . Just follow the guide o the letter.

    The error should be self explaining. mysql is not allowing connections. This can have several resaons, e.g. mysql is listening only on localhost or you did not edit the hosts files exactly as decsribed in the guide or you did not create the mysql root users correctly etc.
  5. S0ft

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    I have 2 VPS
    vps1 and vps2
    found in the DNS VPS2
    When installing ispconfig expert VPS2 everything is configured with VPS1
    Now when from the panel VPS1 configure the DNS not working

    Before using the perfect server debian 6.0 What can happen?

    #1045 Cannot log in to the MySQL server
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