Create an FTP user read only.

Discussion in 'General' started by themark, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. themark

    themark Member

    Hi there,

    I need to create two user FTP on the same directory (of the same website):

    1) one in read write mode;
    2) one in read only mode;

    It's there a way to get this job done with ispconfig?
    I have played around with permission, but with no good result.

    Someone here can help?

    Thank you in advacend.
  2. cfoe

    cfoe ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

  3. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The steps to create a FTP read only user are:

    1) Create a FTP user.
    2) Go to the options tab of the FTP user and change the UID and GID to www-data (or whatever user and group your apache is running on).
  4. themark

    themark Member

    thank you Till, but we can't follow this step.
    Because our web server (apache) run under apache user (48uid) that is lower that 500 minimum gid accepted by pureftpd default config.

    change this default pureftpd config i think that can be very dangerous...

    any thought about? :)
  5. zion

    zion New Member

    Same problem here with www-data (uid 33) when try FTP login:
    I'v found this:

    So I'v crated a new site, then a new ftp user, and modifed the User identifier (UID) to "ftp-ro" + Group identifier (GID): "ftp-ro"
    Then I modified the group of the directory to ftp-ro (chown -R .ftp-ro directory_name), and modified group priviliges to setgid (chmod g+s directory_name) at command line.
    With setgid the group will be ftp-ro for all of the new files and subdirectories.

    I hope it will help to others who find this thread.
  6. pebkac

    pebkac Member HowtoForge Supporter

    But what if you want to have RO on an existing site/directory. Changing to ftp-ro will break other things.

    I too need to have a RO ftp account so I can give access to developers, so they can review some code we have. How can the effectively be done?

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