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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by jcc, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. jcc

    jcc New Member

    As I know, ISPConfig creates every website with its own linux (UID) user.
    Is SSH login is forbidden, it could be an option to create all websites under the same linux account.
    Also, for ftp access, all users must use the same UID. pure-ftp can use that configuration an ensure that every ftp user can only write on its own directory.


    If all directories has the same UID, it wil be possible to migrate an user (or a group of users) from one server to another server (perhaps migrate all users to a more powerfull server).

  2. sh1ny

    sh1ny New Member

    Using the same UNIX user will also ensure that anyone will have access to your folders/files. And this is not what we would want now, would we ?
  3. jcc

    jcc New Member

    I thinking in an option.
    This option is of interest if you does not allow ssh access and restricts ftp access to the web-user root and descendants directories.
    The othe question is:
    With the current website ==> UID implementation, How can I change a user from one server to another server?:confused:
  4. sh1ny

    sh1ny New Member

    Create the same user on the other server ?
  5. jcc

    jcc New Member

    May be a solution, but what to do if the UID is already used at the destination server?.
    As you can see, they are not am easy way to migrate users
  6. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    You can do this already with the current user layout, as ipconfig ensures that every user is unique in a multiserver system. So you can ewasily migrate a website to another server.

    Thats not the case as ispconfig ensures that users are unique across all servers.

    Using one account for all sites might only be an option for a non production inhouse sysetm as it far to insecure for hosting systems exposed in the internet with custonmer accounts.
  7. jcc

    jcc New Member


    Thanks a lot.:)

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