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    I believe there's two ways to achieve what I want but want to check which is preferred, or if there's an alternative method.

    it's a multi-server system, where:

    use domain limits in client module is enabled.
    create subdomains as web site is enabled.
    create aliasdomains as web site is enabled.

    It would be far too disruptive to change those settings now.

    we now have a client who has a domain name, and website, already hosted on an external server, with external dns.
    they want a subdomain of this, hosted on our system. with a letsencrypt certificate.

    I believe this can be done by creating the domain and assigning it to the client as subdomain.domain.tld, and just creating the website (vhost) as subdomain.domain.tld. and apply ssl/letsencrypt

    or create and assign the domain as, create a blank website (vhost) as domain.tld, then create a subdomain (vhost) with
    parent website: domain.tld, hostname: subdomain, domain: domain.tld, webfolder: /web/ and apply ssl/letsencrypt to the subdomain.

    the first option appears cleaner and simpler, but I don't think fqdn including the subdomain are supposed to be applied this way, so I don't know if that'll cause any issues in the future.
    I don't believe the second option will reference the main domain in the cert request, but i'm not 100% sure this method won't have problems getting the certificate.

    which would be the best option? or are the other ways to do this?


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