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    Crash course assuming you've just installed a distro and logged in as root.
    Basic knowledge required to navigate around a linux system, and learn more.

    I've spent only a few hours in total playing with linux, so an expert may formulate a better crash course than this... this is just my idea based on my limited knowledge and experience.

    1 List files/folders a page at a time (etc)
    2 Recognise difference between a folder, a file, and an executable file.
    3 Description of folders in linux (var, usr, etc, bin)
    4 Search/exit man pages, find the right man page if 'man x' does not work.
    5 Edit text files, create
    6 See running processes/services, kill them, restart them
    7 See startup programs, add/remove.
    8 See installed programs, uninstall.
    9 Recognizing which programs need to be compiled vs already compiled, compiling (maybe)
    10 Brief explanation of how you can know if a program will run on your distro
    11 Update install packages
    12 Installing programs with RPM or apt-get (deb format)
    13 List network interfaces, list IPs, Set IP/DHCP(renew)
    14 Join wireless network with no enc/wep/wpa
    15 Initiate PPPoE connection
    16 Deflating tar gz stuff
    17 List open ports, programs listening on them, and connected sockets
    18 Setup SSH to get help from a friend, log what he does. (possible?)
    19 Mount/unmount usb flash drive or CD/DVD.
    20 Most importantly: How to learn how to do stuff. Best places to look for different types of help.
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