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    I see this on the running process no less then 25 times. could someone please explain what it is and why it is listed 25 times. I have tried googling it but could not find anything on it.
    /usr/sbin/apache2 -k start

    this is Ubuntu 16.04

    thanks in advance
  2. Taleman

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    Apache2 is the web server running on that host. On my host it happens to run 14 times, on your apparently 25. If you examine the listing, you notice one of those processes is started by init and runs as root, the others are started by that root process when needed. Presumably apache authors think it is usefull to use many processes instead of trying to cram everything into one process.
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    Is thus a scenario where it might be appropriate to mention:
    mpm prefork (apache default and a resource hog apparently)
    mpm worker
    mpm event

    I suggest the O.P research these as some have suggested changing apache to either "worker" or "event" will lower resource usage.

    Also, what about fpm. Some say move away from fpm.

    On my small servers, rarely is cpu the issue, normally it's ram that maxes out. With you server and all those resources, maxing out cpu seems strange...something clearly is wrong.

    What are you running on it?
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