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Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by LTxda, Apr 15, 2020.

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    Have an issue and haven't been able to resolve it. I apologize ahead of time if there is an existing article on how to resolve this if I missed it. I wasn't able to find anything and wasn't really use on how to search for something like this.

    Have an ISPConfig implementation where there are multiple admins setup as CP users. We have the standard admin account which works fine. We have a second and third admin account. The third admin account, admin3, is being used by an admin that's working to setup various websites within ISPConfig. Our problem is that this admin3 isn't able to see all tabs for a website. The only tabs showing up for this user are Domain, Redirect, Statistics and Backup. SSL and Options are not present. I checked the properties for admin3 and noticed that the "Type" for account admin3 is set to "user". When I tried to change it to "admin", I get a notice that reads "1. A user that belongs to a client can not be set to type: admin".

    How can I give this user full access to all tabs under their websites?
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    Create a new account of type admin. Seems as if this admin3 account was created as a client or reseller and not as separate CP user of type admin, so it is not an admin and you can not change it to an admin without breaking things on your server.
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    Thank you

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