Courier, Postfix, Squirrelmail Mysql How-To

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by kresser, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. kresser

    kresser New Member

    i have a similar setup but your has alot of extra values although we share the same auth methods and i use courier too,you may try commenting out everything extra except the important in and once its working add parts back peice by peice. i had the exact same problem as you, ill look at my config and get back asap. my issue was mysql and amavis.
  2. rakeshakurathi1

    rakeshakurathi1 New Member

    hey did u solve ur problem is it working

    k i will try this and get back to u asap, but i have checked in one the forums it seems that it doesn't matter it seems..
    i hav checked the contents of tutorial and my which are pretty much same

    any other issues do let me know
  3. rakeshakurathi1

    rakeshakurathi1 New Member

    hey can u give me any method to remove all this setup

    do u know how to unistall this setup where i can restart the whole process again ..

    to start a fresh setup.
  4. kresser

    kresser New Member

    Im terribly sorry i got hung up in school, are you using a physical server or a vps?
    Uninstalling all of those components are quite a pain, btw how much ram does that machine have, i had an issue where i had to add more ram to get my vps to load all of the services as amavis is really resource hungry, you might message falko on this forum and let him know your posting in this thread, hes alot of help! Are you able to connect to mysql ok?
  5. kresser

    kresser New Member

    Also look into "the perfect server" setup on your os, i have that and love it, and i would be more than happy to try to walk you through your problems with that tutorial as thats the one im using. If you use aim, message me at my name " arradm " as we could solve this alot quicker maybe.

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