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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by eliufoo, Jul 8, 2008.

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    Hi guys,

    I have finished migrating my mail server from using postfix & dovecot to postfix & courier imap using the the following howto (Virtual Users With Postfix, PostfixAdmin, Courier, Mailscanner, ClamAV On CentOS). And I'm using postfixadmin to manage my virtual users.

    I'm now experiancing a problem with users mail dir not been created. I get the following error when loggin to pop3 account using a telnet session.


    Please assist.

  2. eliufoo

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    Found a similar thread and made the changes accordinly except for my,

    I'm now receiveing the following error,
    Looking at the /var/log/maillog file, i get the following errors

    courier-pop3 doesn't receive an email since maildrop is failing to deliver the email. And maildrop is failing cause it doesn't see the directory to deliver the email???

    What happening here?
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  3. falko

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    Did you send an email first to that account before you tried to fetch emails? Maildir is created automatically when the first email arrives.
  4. eliufoo

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    Got it fixed. :)

    It was a typo problem with authmysqlrc file. I found out that, trailing spaces are PROHIBITED and I had plenty of those. See below changes I made. (I will also advise others read authmysqlrc file. my is located in /etc/authlib/authmysqlrc)

    Single space between field & value.

    Also, if you are using maildrop to delivery message to your virtual uses. You might encounter the following error.

    I solved this by changing the ownership of maildroprc.log file from root to vmail.


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