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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by yucktoufoo, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. yucktoufoo

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    I have installed ispconfig 3 on debian squeeze as per the perfect server guide. The only differnce being that I mounted /var/vmail to a folder on my nas box using cifs. It's mounted as with the correct owner (vmail.vmail) and seems to have identical permissions to another of my servers running courier.

    I created the domain and mailboxes in ispc3 and the relevant dirs were created on the nas but I cannot get mail delivered to it as there seems to be a problem with calling stat()

     /usr/bin/maildrop: Cannot stat() home directory.
    I can su to the postfix user and stat the directory no problem.

    Anyone done this before? Am I missing something simple?.

  2. till

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    As far as I know, ciffs does not support all Linux filesystem capabilities. If you want to use a remote storage, try to use nfs instead.
  3. yucktoufoo

    yucktoufoo Member

    Thanks I will try this but I think nfs is broken on squeeze as it refuses to mount my NFS server.
  4. yucktoufoo

    yucktoufoo Member

    Hi, now nfs works but I have permission issues so am still unable to have maildrop put my mail on the nfs share as the ownership of /var/vmail is not correct and I cant seem to chown that.
  5. till

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    If you cant chown it, then there must be a problem with your NAS drive or the share is mounted wrong.

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