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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by mconway, Dec 12, 2006.

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    I followed a HowTo on setting up Courier+Postfix with quota for a MySQL virtual domain email server. I have everything running great, and have squirrelmail for webusers. My question is:

    I have a plugin for squirrelmail that is supposed to show the user's quota. From the howto, it seems like the quota is set with postfix, and i didnt see a way that it is set in courier, which would make sense, cause courier just allows mail to be accessed on the server to be read.

    Anyways, the plugin always displays *%/10MB (* being a number), no matter what my quota is set to, until i set it to something like: 2147483647 (2GB), then the quota display vanishes. Is there a service that needs to be restarted to make the quota change? Does postfix pass the quota to courier?

    Edit: While i was writing this the quota updated itself, dunno how, or what triggered it, but it shows 15 MB instead of 10, must just take a while to update. I would still like any info :)

    Edit#2: Looks like the quota is updated when a new email is received.. Guess i solved my own problem :)
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