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    I have a The Perfect Server - CentOS installed.
    I am migrating users over, the thing is all the mail usernames on the old server are

    So to make it easyer for my users I am wondering if theres a way to allow mail authentication with the default '[email protected]' as well as ''.

    Ive been playing with the authmysqlrc and MYSQL_SELECT_CLAUSE but cant seem to get it right.

    Any insight would be appreciated, Thanks!
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    Hey guys,

    After fooling around with it for a couple of hours I've figured it out.

    I edited /etc/authlib/authmysqlrc


    MYSQL_SELECT_CLAUSE SELECT email,password,"",uid,gid,homedir,maildir,quota,"",concat('disableimap=',disableimap,',disablepop3=',disablepop3) FROM mail_user WHERE email = '$(local_part)@$(domain)' or email2 = '$(local_part)'

    Then added email2 column to the mail_user table in the dbispconfig database and filled the rows with the usernames.

    tested with multiple accounts using both types of usernames in outlook.

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