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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by foxsrv, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. foxsrv

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    Hi guys. This is my first time with Debian and I have a couple questions. I was supposed to get Vsphere access for my VPS but they forgot so I'm a bit stuck at step 1 since if I screw up the ip I'm out of luck until support gets my Vsphere access going. The tutorial at vi /etc/network/interfaces says to use the internal ip but all I have is an external ip or connected straight to the internet. In ifconfig I have an inet addr and a Bcast. I assume I use the inet addr where he uses correct? The second thing is, he uses as the machine name. Mine is simple and my hosts is
    Code:  CloudVPS.localdomain    CloudVPS
    At this step, is my name okay or does it need to be a I really appreciate the help since I don't know when I get my Vsphere access and would really like to get this going over the weekend while I have the time. Thank you!
  2. pititis

    pititis Member is your real server ip address(and public). 192.168.x.x is a private address not a internet address.

    You own domain?If you want something like on internet you need buy this domain and use your own dns server or register dns servers. If you will use ispconfig make sure that your domain is in your hostname (like the tutorial shows).

  3. foxsrv

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    Hi and thanks for the reply. I know what an internal ip is but my VPS is apparently hooked straight to the internet as it has no 192 address at all. As you can see above my hosts file has the public ip in it.
  4. pititis

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    Normally you can reset your vps from isp control panel, try it. Are you sure that it's hooked?I can access now and before with ssh.

  5. foxsrv

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    It's up and running. I haven't installed any servers or a control panel yet simply because if I do the ip address part wrong and lose access to it, I don't have Vsphere access to it yet so I'll be totally out of luck. At this point I'm doing everything through SSH. Maybe I should just try out Webmin instead because I think it might be in the Debian repo.

    Okay I've finally found a FAQ and I was right, I have no internal network ip.

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  6. foxsrv

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    Sorry for the bump but I really need to get past the first step here so I can actually set the servers up. I set the ip in /etc/network/interfaces to the public ip because there is no internal network that this machine connects to and that works fine. Now the tutorial calls for editing /etc/hosts to be I'm not sure why this is necessary at all. Does it really need a fully qualified domain for everything to work. I think I skipped that part on an Ubuntu test a while back and it was fine but I do want to make sure this is done properly. I'll be running at least 3 sites on it and I need mail and everything all functioning properly. Thanks for any help.
  7. pititis

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    If you intend to use this host like mail server you will need a fully qualified domain.

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