couple of possible issues / strangeness.

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    installed everything using perfect server guide apache/ubuntu 20.04
    installing mariadb 10.3.* as normal. no problems everything works fine.....

    in the past i've used mytop to monitor what's happening in mysql/mariadb, and it's all been fine.
    i've add occasion to do so again recently, and nowi find installing mytop on ubuntu 20.04 removes parts of mariadb and replaces them with the standard mysql equivalents, also removing the service/systemctl startup scripts, then all hell breaks out as the mysql instance craps out and can't be restarted, and even removing mysql, it won't properly re-install mariadb without a lot of extra work/effort.
    i've tested it now with a couple of different vps's with different service providers, and it's definitely the installation of mytop that wipes out mariadb.
    Pointing it out here to warn anyone else thinking of using mytop. it might be worth including the creating of a .pref file in /etc/apt/preferences.d completely blocking the future installation of mytop in any install scripts / tutorials to prevent any chance of other admins going through this.

    another issue is with jailkit, again following the same perfect server install. i can create a new ssh user for a site without problems, and that user can ssh into the site, but user/group permissions only show the uid/gid numbers, not the user/group names from /etc/passwd or /etc/group,
    plus when trying to scp using the jailkit user, it fails, just returns 'unknown user <uid>' and 'lost connection' . there are also some errors when trying to run various commands, which may or may not be related to whatever's causing this.
    i've only noticed this issue on aws t4g instances running ubuntu on aws's own graviton processers, not on intel/amd based instances, or on DO droplets. so far i've been unable to locate any differences in any jailkit configuration on these instances compared to those with fully working jailkits. just pointing it out here in case anyone else is looking at using graviton based instances. or if anyone already does and can confirm this issue exists, or that it doesn't and i've just messed up somewhere. :(
    i've got some bits i need to get on with, but hopefully i can explore this jailkit issue more this week, maybe using the auto-install script to minimize the chance of human error...

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