couple of other migration/centos 7.4 questions

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  1. craig baker

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    I noticed setting it up centos 7.4 that the default was only 4gb swap space and I have 128gb of ram. is that proper? I know you used to have same swap space as memory (roughly). but it defaulted to 4gb so I accepted that. guess I have to wipe and reload to change it!
    and when we installed lets encrypt the perfect server didnt include the file-date-change cron to recreate the ispconfig ssl when lets encrypt updates the others. still need do that by hand I assume? or built in now?

    will the current migration tool (2.x) move over mailman lists? or do I need to recreate?

    thanks again :)
  2. ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    yeah 4gb should be sufficient in generic use cases. Swap is used to extend your available memory space, so if you usually never fill your 128gig, you could aswell run without swap at all ( not recommended ).
    If you have processes running and you still run out of memory and therefore rely on the swap space, upgrade ram if it eats 4gigs of swap space, it's a lot of slow mapped memory preventing the kernel to move file caches out of memory or kill processes.
    The rule of thumb having a % part of memory as swap is as old as hmmm tape cassettes - meanwhile memory got cheaper and much much larger.

    ISPConfig, afaik, doesn't handle LE ssl for its frontend. If you add a domain and link its LE SSL to the matching frontend cert files, it should just work. However I rarely use centos/redhat except for fun every now and then but I prefer - and therefore am used to - debian. Maybe there are some quirks for centos I'm not aware of - and I can imagine that.... ;)

    Can't help you with your migration tool question, but @till linked this
    as answer to another question regarding the tool, so yeah, sorry I can't help with that one.
  3. Croydon

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    @craig baker The current migration tool copies over mailman data as well.
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  4. till

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    That's not a part of ISPConfig. If you installed third party scripts or applications, then you have to install them on your new server as well.

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