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  1. mentes

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    By default ISPConfig creates linux users as webX and groups as clientX

    Can I modify it without break something ?

    I found these lines in /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/sites/web_domain_edit.php

    $system_user $app->db->quote('web'.$this->id);
    $system_group $app->db->quote('client'.$client_id);
    I think in use domain name for user, and client name for group, like:

    user: example_com
    group: company
  2. till

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    Changing this is a bad idea as it will break your setup when the domain name changes. Also domain names can be too long and the client name may contain characters that are not allowed in user or group names.
  3. ColdDoT

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    Well i'm currently also looking into this. Why?

    I really want to start switching my main external access to scp. And to let the users log in with web1, web2 etc is a bit stupid.

    Its not possible to give shell access (thought the mod) because of user permissions etc. So what would be a good setup or solution?

    I can write mods or so. But before i approach this problem with a big fat hammer would love to see opinion from the makers.

  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    There is a misunderstanding on what the webx users are. The webx users are just system users which have aliases if you want to login with ssh or scp clients. So the "web" user names dont matter at all they are technical users and only used internally by ispconfig. They are the same users then the shell users of the the website where they belong to.

    To login with scp, just create a shell user, every shell user is alias of the web user as they share the same uid. You should take a deeper look in how the shell login system works. and which uid's they use. If you want secure shell users, then enable jailkit for that user.

    As a sidenote, using the web user for scp or a shell user created in ispconfig is exactly the same security wise, as every shell user is alias of the web user.

    If you just want to use secure file transfers, I would go with ftps (FTP over TLS) and not scp.
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  5. ColdDoT

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    I see.

    Thank you!

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