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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by neutrino, Jan 3, 2011.

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    Hello there and happy new year to everyone.

    I have a question reagarding a "clean" installation of squirrelmail on debian.

    As we know, the perfect server setup tells us to do :

    apt-get install squirrelmail
    ln -s /usr/share/squirrelmail/ /var/www/webmail
    This is pretty much ok, but what I want to do is have my webmail available on the adress

    So i created with ispconfig and added the ssl cert to it. I added also a redirection from http to https. So far everything ok.

    Then, I pointed to /usr/share/squirrelmail/ with a symlink. This was removed with one of the ispconfig versions last year, because it was a potential security problem.

    So what I did is to copy everything from /usr/share/squirrelmail/ to and this worked (which I was happy with at the time).

    Sadly, doing this doesn't upgrade squirrelmail anymore when doing apt-get update / apt-get upgrade (or maybe it does, but only the file placed in /usr/share/squirrelmail/, I don't know about that)

    Is there any way to upgrade the squirrelmail files located in easily (without having to download it manually and just having to apt-get upgrade) ?

    How are you guys maintaining squirrelmail and ispconfig ?
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  2. ByteMe Networking

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    Regular ol apt-get update/upgrade has always worked for me.
  3. Agent_M

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    I don't know alot about cron, but I think its possible just to create a cron job to copy files from /usr/share/squirrelmail/ to on a nightly basis. That way when the /usr/share/squirrelmail/ install is updated, your other install will be to after the cron job runs.

    But check with someone who knows more about cron than I do :)

    Also this link may help??
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