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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by dimas, Apr 6, 2011.

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    Please kindly help me to get a clearer picture of setting up correct SPF records. I know this has been discussed on the forums a lot, but more reading is only getting me more confused.

    The problem is that, of course, without reverse DNS and the right SPF records lots of emails are not delivered.

    I'm using the latest ISPConfig 3 (CentOS, perfect setup).

    I have a block of external IPs and a number of domains/sites for clients.

    Clients send mail via

    (DNS records were made using DNS wizard)

    The hostname of my server is, say,

    By searching the forum I've found that I need to

    1) Ensure that the reverse dns record for the IP address matches the hostname of the server.
    2) Create spf records for all domain names and configure them to allow sending for the hostname of the server.

    As for the 1) - all emails are sent via just one IP, so I've asked my ISP to make reverse DNS for this IP, so that it would resolve to

    I hope this is OK.

    As for 2) - please kindly help.

    I understand that I have to make an SPF record for EACH of the clients' domains - and it has to be a TXT record

    The name, if I understand correctly, has to be:

    As for the text, in the examples I came across there were several mechanism used: "ip4", "a", "mx", "ptr" etc - do I have to use them all, or, for example, just "mx" mechanism is enough?

    That is, will it be sufficient to write:

    "v=spf1 -all"


    Also, at the moment "server1" at is just an "A" record, do I have to make it MX also ( has as MX now)?
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    This wizard might help:
    Basically it is important that your SPF record includes all servers from which mails are being sent for the domain. If you list them as ip4, a, mx, etc. doesn't matter.

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